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"I hear that my pet hungers. Perhaps I may oblige my beloved servant?"

"I would be more than grateful for such an honor", the vampire smirked. "What is this pleasure to have your kindest attention? I guess I have done good job for once."


"After all one must take good care of their pet - I wonder if I am rescued as fast as some cute puppy from here before I die in hunger."

Did you know that Father Maxwell has new nickname? I believe the new nickname is Father Asswell.

"I think that is much more suitable than his old one- It is an old saying that meaning of your name describe you and your future, I guess I should make a suggestion for him. I think who ever baptized him made a mistake in the beginning."


Do you ever miss Mina ?


The vampire’s expression turned rather serious. Like he would have sunk in his thoughts for a short moment.
"So cruel it might sound, I let things go and forget the worry about gone people a long time ago. When I hear that name that brings me memories but you see, mister Grayface. Once one reaches my age. People come, and go. You see their grand sons, their grandson’s grandsons. You stop seeing individuals, you see family lines, generations. Individuals live only small moment in my life", he explained like there’d be no feels for the situation, then stopping suddenly staring into emptiness for moment.
"Haha, no time to worry about one individual, as I said. But I do pay them a moment of thought, especially if they have given me a good impression", he laughed again.

"But what about her, mm… She probably has found peace. So I like to think and so I hope. Humans are way too young and die way too early to actually understand the importance of life."

You have a beautiful name, wanna hear me moan it? ;)

"Yess! Yes! Do it! Moan it so loud it shall echo all way to the ears of my enemies! So they shiver even before I am even close- Let them know! Let them know!"

Every monster was a man first. In order to defeat the monster, you must love the man.
There’s more hatred in my veins than blood.
—(99/365) by (DS)


He grinned. “A game to you, eh? I suppose life could be considered such. However, I do recall you said you needed me for a proposition, rather than to steal my soul. However, I am willing to barter it, for you see, I have a bit of a predicament…”

"Ah believe me, life is very unfair game with only losers, even successors die eventually. It has no rules, it is like a playground of kids, one makes a sand cake and another destroys it", the female formed vampire laughed with his menacing deep voice. "Ah, worry not, I have no need for your soul. You make me almost sound like a devil himself or well, who knows if I am, but I don’t quite know", he spoke, with short laugh.

"Well, a small assist would not be bad for me. I assume you have have your eyes and ears open. Some things are impossible even for a beast like me - especially when I want to things tidily without more than one victim. But that can still wait. I have all the time in the World to wait. So, please go on, now you have awakened my curiosity. About the predicament of yours?" the devilish grin appeared on his lips. 



"I caaaaaaan seeeeeeeee yooooouuuu."


"And I can see you as well. Now then, what did you want me for, exactly?"

"Aaaaah, is that now? Rather sharp eyed one, aren’t you. There doesn’t need always be purpose, I come, I stalk, I destroy, I go, sometimes none of those, who knows, this is just a silly game for me, I admit. There isn’t much amusement for me nowadays, than play with human souls. But I see you have been here for a quite time. Now tell me something about yourself, I am rather curious."




 The smirk vanished just for a moment as the pale man mentioned the name of the target, but returned on his lips, like trying to cover his second of surprise. What an interesting man, how did he know, or actually, how were they both after the man? The night was turning even more amusing.

"It sure is", he chuckled under his breath, pushing his hat a bit to see snow white skinned Ogre better. "What a popular man he is, a two hell of men happening to visit him", he smirked his fangs baring, the street light lighting his jaw and teeth while the top of his face - except the glowing ember eyes were under the shadow of the hat.

"Even though, even I wouldn’t be pleased to have myself visiting me. I am hell bad guest. But what do you have to meet this man? I am afraid after my visit there wouldn’t be much of him left to meet than shitty pile of remains", he said now carelessly, revealing his true purpose of meeting.

A flitter of amused surprise played on Ogre’s face; heavens, they were /indeed/ after the same mark. “Ah, he /is/ your target as well? A reminder of how the world will ever defy one’s expectations, I say.” he said, his grin revealing his white, gleaming teeth.

"Well, as long as you leave an ear for my client to hold onto as a relic of safety, I say do whatever you wish." Ogre waved a hand dismissively. "From what I hear of him, a change of perspective would serve him well."

A smile, full of charm was given to Ogre as the beastly golden red orbs followed the movements of his. What a coincidence indeed, not only for them, but their target, having two bloodhounds after him, even though, the vampire was quite sure his manners would be more gore than Ogre’s ever. “I see we have got a rather sad soul here, one who has been rather bad, what a poor little sinner”, he let out, hearing then Ogre.

Do whatever you wish?

The words the beast took with satisfaction. His thin lips pulled into wide, smirk, baring the row of sharp white fangs. “I think it is too late to change perspective for him. For now”, Alucard stated, his smirk turning more left sided. “Or are you hinting me this ‘Do whatever you wish’ means ‘do whatever you wish as long as he is alive? Dead don’t have much chance to change their perspective or if they become bastards like I, yet I haven’t changed my worse manners either.”

"̹͉͕̲̥͘͜T̥̺̰͉͈͈̭͓h̷̯̹̺̪̳̦̖̖ą̹̩̖̞̠̙̠̜̤t̠͕̲̭̮͕̬̯ ̶̗̠̪̭̣̮̦͘ͅS̗̦͖͚̞̪̀͜t̫̤̲́r̴̷̛̜̞̞̳͕̜a̶̭̤̯͝ỳ̯̯ ͎̖̙͔̟̳d̨̠̼͚̘̰̲̺̫e̯̪͓̳̫̥͈͠m̸̧͍͎̥̟̮̪̰o̷̢͓n̨̘̙̳̳̭͡ ̘̹̙̰͓̥̠͘s̹̯h̫̹̖͉͠a͏̹͍̰͓͈̦̻̖l͙̹l̢̜͚̯ ̷̻̜͙̳̳̪̰̀̕d̢͎͖̠̩̫͉̠i̢̤̠ͅȩ̝͖ ̴̤͝i̗͈͎̲̖n̤̭̺ ̧͕̱a̭̺͜͠ ҉̥͘w̡̞͖̻͔͓̘̯̝͟͢ͅa͟͏̝̭͓̻͚̟͘ỵ̸̦̥̣̪͉ ̰̦͓͚͎̤h̨̰̼ȩ̫̘͝ ͈̤̱͇͕̳̀͝h̢͖̬̝̺͎̹̥͍̕a̴̼͍͕͕̜͝s̢͇̰̗̫̪͖̀͠n̻̜͠͡’̴͕͉̕͟t͖̠̩̪̣̳͜͞ͅ ̷̟̙̙̩̻͞͡d̸̥̣̪̖̬̭̠͍̯i̴̙͍̲ȩ̞͇̪͙͔̲͖̣d̲̰̮̖͖͇͍̯ ̵̥̳͈̣ͅb̦̭̱͖͇̟́ͅe̳͙͠f̭̜o̵̬̖r̶̞̬͖̀e̡͟͏͓̘͚̗̲̝͉̖ͅ.̢̼͖̮͎̼̦"̸͉̞͘

I am sorta back but important character developing stuff

//Sorry for inactivity. I felt I needed a break and time to rest and think.

I am about to update my rules page as I came to conclusion I won’t be able to deal with all kind of characters and situations in, let’s say, ideal way if I am about to rp Alucard more loyal to the original. But I shall never be perfect as I am not him and I do have created a little more balanced version of him. It is still kind of hard to put it in words, he creates destruction.

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