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//I try to get back to asks soon. I’ve had some duties to do in uni and my days have been long.//

- This is the last day of freedom  vacation.

But heeeeeey. Animation course starts right away!

So if we don’t have any projects for customers blabla, I need an idea for animation that isn’t too long (because damn they expect us always do something in a month.) Ideas?

There are at the moment two asks awaiting and for one I already have got an idea.

For rps it might take little while to reply. I have also tried to revive my OC blog if you might be interested to rp with my Mary. I have done all art for it myself too.

Visiting Master


It had been quite a while since she had been gone…how long had it been exactly? Fifty years? One-hundred? Well however long it had been it had been a very long while in human years though to vampires such as herself and her master Alucard the time just seemed to breeze by.

"Well…former master now.." she corrected herself, her English accent barely noticeable now. 

It was shortly after the war with Millennium was over and the great king of vampires returned that the vampiress who had still been a bit young at the time in vampire years had at last accepted his offer to be free of the master/fledgling bond. She could no longer just stand back and watch her master and sir Integra get lost in their own world of longing for each other. She didn’t know even then if they would act on that longing eventually or not and she loved and respected the heiress of Hellsing, the thirty year separation from Alucard had made them closer…but she couldn’t just stand by and watch the man she loved be enthralled with someone else either…so she accepted the offer at last and left Hellsing after a warm goodbye and good luck to the both of them.

She loved her maker even now, but she had pep talked herself before leaving her dwelling out in Rio telling herself it was about time she went to go see them again so they didn’t think she’d just abandoned them…especially not Alucard who sadly had been left time after time by who knew how many fledglings. She’d promised him once that she wouldn’t be one of those fledglings that just left and never came back and she was keeping her word now.

Besides, if he and sir Integra had eventually acted on their obvious affection for one another, who was she to be angry over it? She would have no right to be jealous and they both deserved happiness after the dark past they had and so if they were together she would be happy for them or she would force herself to be which ever came first.

When she stood on the steps of Hellsing manor she took a deep breath to steel her nerves one last time and finally ascended the stairs before her mind and senses could click that it was too quiet now compared to how she left. The only sounds in the night were her own leather pants rubbing against her long, black trench coat, her black and red corset rubbing against her pale skin, then her boots clicking against the stone floor until she stopped in the middle of the foyer.

"Alucard, are you here?" she asked, keeping her voice normal then as she looked around she noticed what she hadn’t before.

The mansion was covered in dust and the air had a stale kind of scent to it…that was very odd, Integra had always made certain that the manor was kept spotless then as she heightened her hearing and let it spread out she noticed something even more unusual….there was absolutely no sound…no hum of electronics like from the refrigerator, no breathing, no heartbeats, no firing weapons from the gun range, no clinking as weapons were tinkered with..

"What on earth..?" she whispered.

It had been long.

But how long time? It didn’t matter for the vampire. Time just passed and he preferred to live in present. People came and left – but since the day, since the end of Hellsing, he, for the first time in long period of his endless feeling life, he felt time had stopped. Something of him had died with it.

The manor stood there now abandoned. It was supposed to stay empty until all important papers and items would be removed and transported by government before the manor would be sold as apartment or turned more suitable for public use. However, nothing ever happened, and the headquarters of organization and family home of Hellsing was now forgotten. Perhaps no one dared to go there. No one was sure what happened to Alucard after the last of Hellsing was gone. His return after 30 years of war was known by certain people but for now, his location was mystery, only wild rumors moving from mouth to mouth, changing forms.

Alucard had always joked after Hellsing he would return to his roots, back in his homecountry.

But that was only a thought.

He had nothing left there, either nothing left here.

He didn’t want to hold Seras there with him. Not now she had gained her independence, he had wished her to start over her life, to do what she ever wanted to do, what she wasn’t capable to do earlier. He instead, remained. He remained in the lands of Great Britain, in his very own kingdom, the isolated basement of the Hellsing manor, slumbering.

It was dark cloudy evening. The awoken vampire sat on top of one of those many boxes the staff had filled with papers after the last heir was gone, years ago. He was staring out through one of those huge windows in the dusty, messy office, at the deep cloudy sky that totally covered the setting sun. The daylight wouldn’t have harmed him any way, he kind of had hoped to see the sunset. He felt weaker now he hadn’t had his daily amount of blood, not for a long time. He was paler than ever, more tired looking than ever, but there was no meaning to gain strength, unless he decided to return his life, back in the time before Hellsing period.

Something however, made him wake from his deep thoughts. Blood had always a connection to blood, a faint feeling about presence of someone close arriving. Someone was in the manor, he could feel it. He didn’t turn his head nor body. His back facing the doorway, waiting.


Mun post - Asks asks asks ~

Working more on asks today. I started to draw quite long one yesterday (It was hard to fit in one or two frames) and at the moment I’ve been colouring it. - I have a little slow style to draw but this is good practice for me.

My, I find that Hellsing and FNAF crossover funny to draw, I am glad people liked it. (Mun still needs to play that game at least once.)
And someone asked where Foxy is in the picture, well, probably he wasn’t active that night - or, she missed him xD I have an answer pic coming up for that issue too! Got few asks about it but let’s see how many I manage to reply. I have been little ill so prepare for waiting.

✟ - Ask box is OPEN 

And greetings to new followers, you encourage me to continue. ^^ 

"I hear that my pet hungers. Perhaps I may oblige my beloved servant?"

"I would be more than grateful for such an honor", the vampire smirked. "What is this pleasure to have your kindest attention? I guess I have done good job for once."


"After all one must take good care of their pet - I wonder if I am rescued as fast as some cute puppy from here before I die in hunger."

Did you know that Father Maxwell has new nickname? I believe the new nickname is Father Asswell.

"I think that is much more suitable than his old one- It is an old saying that meaning of your name describe you and your future, I guess I should make a suggestion for him. I think who ever baptized him made a mistake in the beginning."


Do you ever miss Mina ?


The vampire’s expression turned rather serious. Like he would have sunk in his thoughts for a short moment.
"So cruel it might sound, I let things go and forget the worry about gone people a long time ago. When I hear that name that brings me memories but you see, mister Grayface. Once one reaches my age. People come, and go. You see their grand sons, their grandson’s grandsons. You stop seeing individuals, you see family lines, generations. Individuals live only small moment in my life", he explained like there’d be no feels for the situation, then stopping suddenly staring into emptiness for moment.
"Haha, no time to worry about one individual, as I said. But I do pay them a moment of thought, especially if they have given me a good impression", he laughed again.

"But what about her, mm… She probably has found peace. So I like to think and so I hope. Humans are way too young and die way too early to actually understand the importance of life."

You have a beautiful name, wanna hear me moan it? ;)

"Yess! Yes! Do it! Moan it so loud it shall echo all way to the ears of my enemies! So they shiver even before I am even close- Let them know! Let them know!"

Every monster was a man first. In order to defeat the monster, you must love the man.
There’s more hatred in my veins than blood.
—(99/365) by (DS)