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How blessed are some people, whose lives have no fears, no dreads, to whom sleep is a blessing that comes nightly, and brings nothing but sweet dreams.
—Bram Stoker, Dracula (1897)
Cosplay preview II - Fin

Yay for my crappy selfies. It is done but better pics I will get from con (from people with better cameras and stable hand…)

Beware Animecon XI


I am not      a sinner

                   I am the sin



"Human, what a pile of lies I still long for."

Forgive mun has been lazy bastard with asks and longer rps.

It is Mid Summer Fest and I am sorta recovering from making coat for 4 days in row. xD

You may expect some photo shoots of my cosplay in few days. 

My body lived, but I died.




"My, I see someone is in big big trouble~"


 ”Well, if it isn’t my darling little ‘sister’. Won’t you come a little closer my dear? I need your assistance.”

"My assistance? Oh, I was thinking to enjoy the show further~"

"What could I do with my little hands to ease your agony? I am as poor with kids as you are." 


"My, I see someone is in big big trouble~"

Hit On My Muse! [May Be NSFW]
"Would you sleep with a stranger?"
"You're a god/goddess..."
"I'm not wearing any underwear..."
"I'm completely naked under all these clothes."
"You're my fetish."
"Can I feel between those thighs of yours?"
"I wouldn't tell you to stop."
"You're so cute when you're flustered."
"I know you like me, don't deny it."
"You want it, don't you?"
"You've a beautiful name, wanna hear me moan it?"
"Nice ass..."
"God, you're just perfect."
So new followers have entered the basement of a vampire king



He shook his head at her, his lips had pulled into amused smirk. She was either naive or just trying to pull out explanations that didn’t make sense. Admitting her curiosity sure did.

"It is not always wise to put nose in other business. Curiosity may lead one into doom. But I have nothing against guests", he replied as his hand reached to take hold of a wineglass on a table beside him, picking it and bringing it on his lips, taking a small sip of it. 

"This, dear, is my room, my very own residence", he said, moving his left arm in air, like showing out the huge cellar area. "Creepy? I find darkness relaxing", he put the glass down at table, tapping his fingers against a huge book that was also set on the table.


       ” Woah there——!
                  A-Am I not seeing clearly
                  or do you actually have red eyes?! ”

  Valeria jumped off the last three steps of the stair, landing soundlessly like a cat on the stone, cold floor and rushing closer to the vampire. She stopped only when she was standing close enough to be sure that indeed, his hues were red as blood, that being a few inches away from his face. 

  She could only gaze in awe at him, gently cupping his face within her small hands as her azure eyes were trying to take in every little detail, no matter the darkness surrounding them. Truly—-it was the most peculiar and yet beautiful view she had ever had in her life… It was even harder to believe that those eyes were natural.

  For a little time there, she had even forgotten how to breathe; to say the least, appart from his eyes, he was rather handsome. She found herself unable to look away now that she had locked eyes with him.

                                                ” Beautiful
                                                             Your eyes are very—-beautiful. ”

  She murmured, batting her eyes only to finally snap out of her gaze and pull away, embarassed; she had actually crossed the line of personal space between strangers, thus she was blushing now, averting her eyes from him. She wouldn’t want to stare again—-she was sure she wouldn’t be able to look away again a second time…

           ” U-Um sorry about that—-
                 I got carried away. ”

  Bringing his last words back in her mind, though, she frowned a little bit, a sole eyebrow coming to arch in thought. So—-living here, in an empty, creepy and dark cellar; an intimidating, breath-taking, huge man with red eyes and a demon’s voice, enjoying the darkness and offering thoughtful advise for human curiosity…

                                             ” Really now, your whole aura 
                                                  along with this place you 
                                          like to live; it really has me wondering
                                             if you’re a vampire or something… ”

She was an interesting being, not afraid at all - even though he was a reason for many people to fear. He was a beast, once hungry he would not hesitate to feed. This lady had stepped into the lair of a lion, without fear approaching him and even resting her hands against his death cold skin. No one would escape his basement, and once who were this close would be doomed. His eyes could easily seduce a human being, lock their gaze and make them all under his control, like a candlelight seduces a moth in darkness.

However, it wasn’t his plan. She amused Alucard. This kind of funny situations rarely happened. He usually was annoyed if anyone was to come there when he wanted to be alone but now he would give the lady a try. He adored the bravery some humans had, as long it was not foolish. This lady here seemed rather innocent to his eyes. 

"I see you like them", he said with calm voice, his eyes or head didn’t move at all but stared back at hers, his relaxed hands crossed against his lap. Her apology made him laugh a bit. Maybe he had got her by accident. "Anyone might get lost in them, don’t feel bad for it", he said smoothly, raising one of his legs over another as he tilted his head at her, examining her looks generally.

Pretty girl. Smart girl.

Indeed he was a vampire and even more. The king of vampires. He was not going to answer her straightly, he wanted to play with her a bit. “Dear miss you know such things do not exist”, he said instead, smirking, yet his bottom lip hiding the tips of his sharp fangs. 

"Besides", he held out his hand for hers. "I believe you haven’t yet told me your name, miss."

Cosplay pieces shoot I / Coat in progress

I am not a seamstress but well, I am sort of pleased, I have crossed the most difficult part for now: still missing  the buttons and the ornament seams for the collar edges, tips and sleeves and probably some more ironing so it keeps it’s shape.